Timing is important to marketing.

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When you start a marketing campaign knowing your client is everything. The market you serve has business patterns that you should be aware of. You will need eye catching content and a unique call to action that will have your clients excited about your product.

Your product is what they seek and you have perfect packaging and your product will increase the return of investments for all your clients. You are excited to launch the marketing campaign but we have one problem?

We need to know when we could get their attention. Their are many rules on social media that discuss these items. If it’s a business 10am is a great time for the daylight client. By then they are settled in and want get buried behind overnight email or overnight social media post. If it’s non business the weekends are critical on social media when everyone is home and scrolling their phones.

When your clients make a purchase track the timing to have past history. This tracking also leads to future sales and is shows your client that you are conscious of their timing. I wish timing was the silver bullet but it’s just one aspect to your marketing campaign.

“Time is an illusion, timing is an art.” 
― Stefan Emunds

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