What is a good sales approach?

The common mistake is trying to prove how smart you are and how your company is the best.  How often do you jump right into your pitch without asking question?  This is not one size fits all your approach has to be customized to each individual consumer.  If you constantly say the same information the same way you will get the same results.

“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” –Steve Jobs

When you are selling you must build trust by answering questions and objections in a sincere way.  Remember the consumer has their guard up.  Don’t just pounce on the prey try embracing their passion.  Know everything you can before you speak.  They are not coming for your presentation they are coming for your product you must find middle ground.

Selling is the science of understanding and building value.  Not just speaking and offering.

Take time to learn your craft and be a more efficient salesperson. There is no trust until you handle the objection of mistrust. They’re is only one way to succeed in sales and the key is mutual service.

Below are some great links that can help you.

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