Are you really Open For Business?

I visited a local business in town yesterday. I notices the sign said “Now Open For Business”. My Family was excited to come in and to purchase a product. After speaking to the owner and hearing the synopsis of current consumer purchases I pondered are they really open for business. Are they delivering on service and exceeding consumer expectations? Have they adjusted to the climate of a virus that has changed the landscape of operations? Whom are they serving and can this business deliver on their promises of safety for employees and all consumers? The answer to these questions will define if you are truly open for business.

Are You Listening?

Firstly in order to be open for business we must listen to our customers and be intimate with our numbers. Your guest count and average sales per guest will guide you through these difficult times. All these items must be addressed by your marketing plan. Due to the Covid 19 virus and operating at a lower occupancy dine in sales will struggle in the hospitality business. The shift to takeout and mobile services must be a permanent focus in order to be open for business. Consumers confidence is low but on the rise nevertheless we must have a paradigm shift in the way we do business.

“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” 

— Walt Disney

Do you have an online presence?

Secondly now more than ever your online presence is everything. Is your hours of operation online. Can they purchase online and are you ready for the business. Just like your brick and mortar location you must provide ease of service for all your guest. Answer questions quick and master the details. Shopping should be comfortable and easy and the consumer is not concerned about your shortcomings they just want the product. Let’s give them what they want from a position of gratitude therefore building loyal consumers whom will thank you through purchasing your product.

If you need help. Le’Van Digital Synergy is here.

Thirdly if you need help with your online profile here at Le’Van Digital Synergy we offer authentic content and local support. We are always just a message or phone call away. Feel free to check out our reviews and know that we are here to help grow your R.O.I. Have a strong week in sales and good luck exceeding your goals.

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